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Akai BT500 Review

 A Short Note on Akai BT500 Review

Proper turntable placement, no were not talking about in the living room, or next to the stereo. What I want to discuss is the correct placement for your turntable and how it can affect the sound quality in your system. If you were to take a microscope and examine the surface of an LP, you’d no doubt notice the tiny pits and grooves that hold our precious, yet somewhat delicate, analog sound. A stylus has to be able to ‘feel’ every nook and cranny on the surface of that LP in order to extract every nuance that’s present in the recording; this as it turns out is one area (proper placement) almost all turntable owners fall short on. find this akai bt500 setup


Almost everything in a turntables’ environment can affect its sonic quality, even down the speakers themselves. That’s right, think about what a speaker’s purpose is and it’s easy to see how easily they can alter a turntables sound. A speaker’s purpose is to move air, that might be over simplifying it a bit, but that’s their job in a nutshell. Now what is a turntables job in the system? 

The turntables job is to, as accurately as possible, get the information off of the LP with as little distortion as possible.

Picture this, you’re trying to draw a beautiful landscape with a pencil, and I come up behind you and whack the back of your hand while you’re drawing. Will the picture turn out as nicely if I hadn’t disturbed you? Of course not and this is the exact same dilemma the stylus on a turntable experiences when there are unnecessary vibrations either airborne or emanating from the floor.

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